The biggest problem facing Retailers is their ability to sell.

Below are some statistics from thousands of Mystery Shops collated through my company Service Integrity Mystery Shopping

The results are self explanatory. Closing the sale – or referring a Sale to someone else are the biggest problems facing our clients.

But I can hear your staff scream from here. “Ah that sounds like you’re pushing the Sale” or “That sounds like – Do you want fries with that?”

Well surprise surprise, that is exactly what the customers want.

Mystery Shop scores typically measure adherence to process. E.g. cleanliness (presentation) through to closing the sale (including up-sell and cross sell). When all these elements are ticked off, the store scores highest.

Our results show that when a store scores high Mystery Shopping scores (including selling), then the customer satisfaction scores are highest.

One client had ther top 10 stores record 98% in their Mystery Shopping and 100% Customer Satisfaction.

The bottom 10 stores scored 66% in their Mystery Shopping and 43% Customer Satisfaction.

This pattern is repeated for all clients. The higher the Mystery Shop score, the higher the Customer Satisfaction.

Put another way – Customers are happier when you sell to them. That’s why they are there – to buy.