Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter

Real customer feedback

NPS is a powerful tool which is ideally paired with mystery shopping, to get high volume customer feedback. However, it can be difficult to collect customer data at store level.

It can be hard to find the internal resources to deploy actionable NPS across your whole network.

Nobody should be frustrated that things are missed when they’re not looking
We've worked with Australia's biggest companies and largest global brands to help them track their compliance
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Guided compliance
Although internal audits are a self-managed process, we promise to guide you so you stay on track. We’ll help with design, fieldwork management, automated reporting, and your action plans.
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Precise outcomes

Our internal audit program will allow you to throw away the broad brush so you only use resources fixing things that are broken.

You’ll know exactly where your compliance gaps lie so you can reduce failures that could damage your brand reputation, identify inefficiencies, or simply ensure each site is ready to trade.

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NPS is a must-have for most organisations
We know you're aware of the need to collect customer data, even if you don't have resources. Over the last 20 years we've developed technologies to collect customer feedback from multiple sites across the country.
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Collecting data
Although NPS is a simple concept, collecting data across vast networks can seem impossible. The sheer volume of data and different customer points can cause these programs to fail, or at best, sit idly on a reporting shelf.
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Managing the complexity of NPS simplicity
Our experience with mystery shopping retail networks simplifies the data collection complexities. We have always managed customer data collection from multiple sources and understand how difficult it can be. We can share those solutions to put your NPS into a reporting dashboard as part of your total customer story.
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The NPS program

3 Step Plan

Step 1. Definitions

We work with you to define your exact bespoke questions.

Step 2. Set up each site

We set up the program for each individual site, state and area.

Step 3. Reporting

You receive NPS data through our live reporting dashboard.

Get the full suite of store-level NPS data from as little as $15 per store per month

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Net Promoter Score (NPS) — a refresh

Net promoter score asks a customer a single question as to whether they would recommend your product to friends or family. The response is scored on the scale of 0 to 10, where scores of 9 or 10 (promoters) are given one point, scores of 7 or 8 (neutrals) are assigned zero points, and any score under seven (detractors) is allocated minus one point.

NPS advantages

NPS is inexpensive to deploy and provides a vast amount of data from genuine customers. The results are simple to understand at all levels in the organisation.

NPS was designed as a method to measure customer loyalty predictively. It is also an excellent early warning indicator of customer issues. However, it isn’t the be-all customer measurement tool.

Store level deployment

To deploy NPS properly, it needs to deploy at the individual store (site) level. Deployment is where the complexities can be crippling. It is simple enough to deploy an NPS study using a free service, but you must also deploy at the store level and report back in the same way.

Incorporating NPS into a dashboard

NPS should form a part of a broader customer and operational dashboard. The reporting should be available live at store level and aggregated at an executive level.

We combine the NPS reporting (broad) with our deep mystery shopping and compliance reporting.