Site audits

Site Audits

Independent external audits

It's almost impossible for your staff to conduct frequent detailed unannounced audits. It's expensive and draining to keep checking your stores and branches.

You may feel like your checklist processes are not being consistently completed or reported efficiently.

Nobody should be frustrated that things are missed when they’re not looking
We've worked with Australia's biggest companies and largest global brands to help them track their compliance
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Guided compliance
Although internal audits are a self-managed process, we promise to guide you so you stay on track. We’ll help with design, fieldwork management, automated reporting, and your action plans.
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Precise outcomes

Our internal audit program will allow you to throw away the broad brush so you only use resources fixing things that are broken.

You’ll know exactly where your compliance gaps lie so you can reduce failures that could damage your brand reputation, identify inefficiencies, or simply ensure each site is ready to trade.

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There's no fairness to being exposed to unknown risks
We understand your non-compliance is frustrating and dangerous. But we've worked with Australia's biggest companies and largest global brands to give them compliance confidence.
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Nationwide coverage
Leverage our national audit team to conduct overt checks to even your most remote sites. Don't let distance or the sheer volume of sites deter you from ensuring everyone is compliant.
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Specialist auditors
Our auditors are filtered and tested to ensure they have the qualifications required for different industries (e.g. qualified food inspectors or people with retail experience.
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Our site audit process

3 Step Plan

Step 1. Your checklist

You give us your detailed site audit checklists.

Step 2. We visit

We send our auditors to your sites, unannounced, using your checklist.

Step 3. Reporting

We handle all the reporting and track correction of breaches so you can be sure problems are being rectified.

Get an external audit completed for as little as $50.00 per visit (all-inclusive cost, with reporting and travel).

If you would like to see if you qualify for a trial of 5 free site audits, click here.

What are independent external audits?

Our qualified auditors will make covert visits to your stores to check those stores are operating to your legal and operational standards.

The auditors are a special category of Mystery Shopper with the qualifications and experience required to conduct industry-specific audits.

We can keep costs down by using our extensive database of shoppers around the country, thus eliminating travel costs.

How detailed are the audits?

The audits can be as short or long as you decide. Some audits are as short as a few minutes, while others can be extensive multi-hour evaluations.

We’ve conducted simple audits such as checking the fridge temperature in pop-up power drink promotional stands.

We’ve also conducted multi-day audits of casino complexes.

How are the auditors selected?

In some cases, the assignments are simple, and we can send any registered auditor.

However, for more complex jobs, we have several recruitment filters to apply, such as:

  • education
  • experience
  • formal qualifications (e.g. qualified food inspector)

How are the auditors tested?

We have an internal qualification process called Tesctcaster. Testcaster provides an online exam and certification platform so we can quickly deploy specific subsets of auditors.

We train our staff and can train shoppers using webinars and other online tools. Our newest online tool is a new learning initiative called HSB University. HSBU is unique in Australia and developed through our global mystery shopping arm to ensure consistent base knowledge.

Tracking your remedies

Finding compliance breaches is one thing, but you also need to track whether your team rectified the problem.

We created our Kaizen action reporting system to serve the audit industry.

It will:

  • trigger actions based on specific overall scores
  • trigger actions based on particular events
  • classify non-compliance into varying levels of severity
  • provide a tracking system for the whole network
  • provide a tracked manager signoff process
  • report summarised and detailed results.


We deliver the Kaisen action plan reporting on our Dragon reporting dashboard. It is a multi-level system you can customise with easy to use widgets.

You can also combine your compliance reporting with internal audits, mystery shopping and voice of the customer reporting.