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Reveal the Truth

Reveal the truth

We exist to reveal the truth about customer service, sales and operations — to solve the problems when processes are not followed and sales are lost.

Because bad data leads to bad decisions.

Nobody should have to find their way in the dark

We’ll share our experience from helping over 100 organisations from all types of industries.


Diverse range of clients served

We're proud to have served a side range of global and domestic clients.


Years of experience in Australasia

We'll bring all our experience and enthusiasm to develop your program.

Go wide or deep

Our core mystery shopping programs give you depth of data, which can be mixed with broad voice-of-the-customer tools.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping

Use our mystery shoppers to give detailed prompted insights.

Site Audit

Site audits

Our qualified field force can be used to provide nation-wide audits.

Internal Audits

Internal audits

Use our systems to coordinate your staff site inspections. More text?



Get instant feedback from your customers through your loyalty app.

Social Media

Social Media Monitor

Monitor all social media and manage responses, down to store level.


Net Promoter Score

Collect customer feedback and overlay it with mystery shopping and social media.

The 3-step autopilot plan

3 Step Plan
Step 1 Discovery

Step 1. Discovery

Your bespoke program will be developed by using the best practice from around the world.

Step 2 Transparency

Step 2. Transparency

We’ll then reveal the truth about your operations with our experienced shoppers and team.

Step 3 Optimise

Step 3. Optimise

You’ll be able to make optimal decisions based on solid data. You’re done with the guess work!

Ways to get started

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Latest articles

Measuring the Execution of Strategy

One of the biggest fears of many executives is that the strategy isn’t executed as intended. It’s a long way from the corporate board room to the cashier desk, operated by a young part-time employee.

We’ll leave the strategy to you, and besides, the world has plenty of strategy experts. We created service Integrity to measure the exact places where the business is operating differently from the strategy.

The Service and Sales provided by staff have to be in line with the strategy. Everyone’s actions must be true to the strategy; they must have integrity, which is why we called our company Service Integrity.

Who’s Mystery Shopping for?

Any organisation can use Mystery Shoppers, but it might be easier to use friends and family in some cases. We service organisations with a large footprint over many customer interactions.

Setting up a program requires considerable resources, making it difficult for smaller companies to justify the cost. Once a company has 20 sites, the math starts to work in favour of mystery shopping.

How do you source mystery shoppers?

We’ve built up a great diversity and depth of shoppers over 20 years. But we continue to recruit on Social media and referrals.

How long does it take to set up a program?

Most programs take around two weeks to set up. In some cases, we’ve set up in two days

What’s the process to set up a program?

After you’ve given us the approval to proceed, the steps are:

  1. An initial de-brief where we go deep into your processes so we can start developing your program.
  2. You send us a list of sites so we can match them to shoppers
  3. We develop the shopper scenarios and determine shopper training requirements
  4. We develop the initial questionnaire for you to review.
  5. Develop reporting requirements
  6. Finalise the questionnaire
  7. Your shops are loaded
  8. We develop the Mystery Shopper guidelines
  9. You’re live in field.

Do we need a contract?

There aren’t any contracts. You keep us engaged for as long as you are happy with the service. Naturally, we can provide confidentiality agreements as required.

How are the fees calculated?

There are three main components to mystery shopping programs.

  1. Initial once-off setup fee, usually $1,000.00 per questionnaire. The setup fee buys you all the bespoke setup, shopper recruiting requirements, shopper testing and reporting.
  2. A per-shop fee.
  3. A reimbursement of shopper expenses if required (usually around $15)

How many shops should I do?

A common question is: should I shop each store once a month, quarterly, six-monthly, or once-off?

That depends on the purpose of the data.

Annual / Once off shops are appropriate for organisations looking for system-level data (e.g. sales manager wants to know the overall level of cross-selling)

Semi-annually for organisations that want to measure the impact of major projects. For example, before and after training rollout.

Quarterly evaluations for organisations that want to undertake regional rankings. At this level, it’s also appropriate to commence store level coaching based on results.

Monthly evaluations for store-level rankings, individual store ranking, and individual employee coaching. Monthly evaluations also allow store managers the opportunity to form a frequent cadence of reporting feedback.