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We've been measuring sales and service for 20 years throughout Australasia, proudly serving some of the biggest companies in the world.

Some tools have changed, but the principles remain the same.

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Our clients are in every imaginable industry in 23 countries.


Over 600,000 evaluations completed

We'll apply all the lessons learned to your new measurement program.


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Service integrity was formed in 2002 when its founder, Steven Dipietro, left the banking world to help businesses find the truth about their operational performance.


Since then, service integrity has serviced Australia’s largest and smallest companies such as ANZ, NAB, National Storage and over 100 local companies in all industries. The Honor Roll now includes international companies such as Lamborghini, MasterCard, Visa, Google, Facebook, Hard Rock and 50 other companies.


We’ve completed over 500,000 mystery shop evaluations in that time.

Growing the industry

Service integrity is deeply involved in the mystery shopping industry within Asia Pacific. We have represented with the presidency of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association – Asia Pacific, advice presidency of the global body.


This exposure helps the industry and puts Service Integrity in a unique position to understand best practices worldwide. 

Global Expansion

In 2018, we teamed up with HS brands International to represent them throughout the Asia Pacific region. The relationship puts us in a unique position of being an independent company with deep links to the best practices worldwide and with different cultures.


We now have offices in all continents of the world and directly manage the offices in Shanghai, Tokyo, New Zealand and Sydney.

Product expansion

Mystery Shopping still forms the core base of our offerings, but they have expanded to include:


Social Media Monitor – to track and manage our client’s social media platforms

Site Audits – where we conduct overt store audits to check back of house operations.

Internal Audits – where we provide our platform for your staff to use for internal checklists and audits.

LiveShopper – Providing instant feedback through our client’s existing phone apps and loyalty programs.

Net Promoter Score – Collecting customer feedback live at the point of purchase.

Our Team

We have an experienced team where the most junior employee has over five years tenure. We’ll use all that experience to help you with your program.


In addition, we have a fluid relationship with all of the HS brands offices, enabling us to deploy resources from whichever part of the world is most appropriate.