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Social media data is fractured over multiple platforms, making it feel impossible to track, respond and control. Each store has a social media profile whether you manage it or not.

Passive management of your social media presence can leave you massively exposed.

Nobody should be frustrated that things are missed when they’re not looking
We've worked with Australia's biggest companies and largest global brands to help them track their compliance
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Guided compliance
Although internal audits are a self-managed process, we promise to guide you so you stay on track. We’ll help with design, fieldwork management, automated reporting, and your action plans.
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Precise outcomes

Our internal audit program will allow you to throw away the broad brush so you only use resources fixing things that are broken.

You’ll know exactly where your compliance gaps lie so you can reduce failures that could damage your brand reputation, identify inefficiencies, or simply ensure each site is ready to trade.

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Your brand is defined by your activity, and your inactivity
Our clients have been sharing their pain for many years. We understand the social media frustrations. We can deploy a social media monitoring program deployed to some of the biggest companies in the world.
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Social media feedback is frustrating
It's impossible to control what your customers post online and even more difficult to get your head around all the different channels. Reporting activity is almost impossible. It's a ceaseless and challenging task.
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This is the solution
Our Social Media Monitor is a centralised dashboard that brings all the social platforms together into one place so you can centrally respond to customers automatically or personally. We'll aggregate activity across all platforms for simple high-level executive reporting.
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The Social Media Monitor

3 Step Plan

Step 1. Automated audit

An automated store-by-store audit of each site's social setup.

Step 2. Get customer feedback

We collect all your customer reviews across multiple social platforms.

Step 3. Reporting

You receive aggregated social scores by store in our reporting platform.

Get the full suite of store-level social media data from as little as $15 per store per month

If you would like to see if you qualify for a trial of 5 stores for two months, click here.

What is the Social Media Monitor?

The Social Media Monitor is our ‘always-on’ tool that captures customer feedback throughout the internet and presents it back as a summarised measurement so you can easily interact with the customer.

The Social Media Monitor will scour the internet for Voice of the Customer Signals you didn’t even know existed.

What does Social Media Monitor Do?

1. Aggregates

Social Media Monitor can gather reviews from all major review sources, including but not limited to Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

2. Notifications

Deep reporting and automated notifications are sent to appropriate users, managers, etc.

3. Reply

Users with proper permissions can reply to all reviews using the Social Media Monitor’s easy to use platform. Reviews can even be automated using our Ai responder.

4. Analytics

All users may have access to basic dashboard functionalities and the location leaderboard page. You can also integrate the data into our Dragon dashboard that combines Social Media Monitoring with our mystery shopping and compliance reporting.

5. Mobile App

All users, including store managers, may use the Social Media Monitor’s mobile app to monitor and respond to reviews on the run or working from home.

Social Media Mentions

1. Aggregator

The Social Media Monitor gathers mentions from all major social media sources, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

2. Responder

Social Media Monito can be used as a central spot to engage back with customers.

3. Poster

Social Media Monito will schedule and make public posts (organic and paid) to the major social media platforms.

Save up to 80% on social management $.

Social Media Monitor’s “Jenny” services reduce a lot of the manual effort it takes to respond to reviews and direct messages. Customers who use Jenny complete 2X more tasks in 80% less time.

1. Write

The Social Media Monitor can write same-day, recommended responses to all new reviews. Managers/Users can accept, edit, or ignore these suggestions.

2. Suggest

Social Media Monitor can suggest specific reviews get flagged for inappropriate content – increasing the odds the review gets removed from the review site.

3. Re-Purpose

Social Media Monitor can suggest reviews that could be re-purposed for local Facebook or Google posts.

4. Prompt

Social Media Monitor can suggest user-generated photos that could be re-posted to local Facebook, Google, or Yelp pages.

Listing Management

Managing multiple Social Media Listings, by location, throughout the country can be expensive, error-prone, and tedious. Use the Social Media Monitor to:

1. Create New Listings

Social Media Monitor can help create new store listings and closures for all major review sites, including Facebook, Yelp, and Google.

2. Maintain Profile Accuracy

Social Media Monitor can use the listings playbook to ensure and maintain profile accuracy across Yelp, Facebook, and Google. Our service includes business hours, open/close status, etc.

3. Group Change

Profile changes and edits to one or multiple locations can be completed seamlessly within our central platform.

Sentiment Analysis

Gather the public sentiment about your brand through the words they use all over the internet – even beyond Social Media.

1. Aggregator

Social Media Monitor reports sentiment on reviews, direct messages, and customer comments from review-generator surveys.

2. Analytics

All users would have access to basic dashboard functionalities and the location-leaderboard page.

3. Notifications

We will send individual weekly or monthly reports to appropriate users, managers, etc.

Generate more positive social media reviews

1. API Connection

Social Media Monitor will build secure connections to receive triggers to send clients emails. You can send real-time push notifications to selected customers, asking them to leave a review.

2. Automated Emails or SMS

Even without a direct API link, Social Media Monitor will push emails or SMS messages to customers at intervals chosen by you.

3. Contact Us Directly

Automated review generation emails will have the functionality to receive direct feedback from guests. Your employees will be able to respond to customer emails or SMS directly from the Social Media Monitor.

Control your messaging

Use the Social Media Monitor to control your direct messaging to customers.

1. Aggregator

The Social Media Monitor gathers DMs from Facebook, Twitter, Google Q&A, and Yelp. We will add additional sources at any time for no additional charge.

2. Responder

Social Media Monitor can be used as a central spot to respond to all DMs. The central responder platform also simplifies access and passwords to your social media platforms.

3. Analytics

Track the volume of problems and questions via direct messages, your response rate, and much more.


All data collected is reported directly within our Dragon dashboard. The tool allows you to compare social media rankings and reviews with all other data collected through our Mystery Shopping and audit platform.