Mystery Shopping: Uncovering the Secrets of Service Integrity

As a frequent traveller, I recently had the opportunity to experience the H Hotel at the Los Angeles Airport. This Hilton Curio property caught my eye, and I was eager to explore its offerings.

A view of the Los Angeles airport LAX sign from my hotel room at the H hotel curio

The hotel’s location is undoubtedly its biggest draw, being situated right next to the LAX airport. The shuttle service was efficient, and I could have even walked to the terminal in about 10 minutes. The room itself was spacious, with a comfortable king-sized bed, a well-equipped bathroom, and a nice view of the airport.

However, there were a few minor issues that caught my attention. The room had some drywall flaking on the windowsill, which raised a few concerns about the overall maintenance of the property. Additionally, the hotel only provided plastic cups, which seemed a bit disappointing given the otherwise high-quality feel of the room.

One other disappointment was that I couldn’t get for past 10 pm. Which I found annoying as I checked in at 10:05pm and had to go across the road to the Hyatt.

Nonetheless, the hotel’s amenities were impressive, with a Nespresso machine, ample charging stations, and a nice lobby area. The bar and breakfast offerings also looked promising, though I didn’t have a chance to sample them during my stay.

Overall, the H Hotel at LAX is a solid choice for travellers looking for convenient, high-quality accommodation near the airport. While it may not be perfect, the hotel’s strengths, such as its location and modern facilities, make it a compelling option for those seeking a seamless travel experience.

As a professional in the service industry, I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to assess the quality of customer service. And I enjoy it.

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