We spend so much time and money chasing after service initiatives.

Is it important?

Service Integrity surveyed 324 respondents asking the following paired response questions.

Which is more important?

Store Presentation 8%
Service 92%

So, 92% chose Service over store presentation, yet stores can easily spend $500,000 on a single store fit-out but begrudge spending USD50 per month on Mystery Shopping or a short training program?

Here’s more.

Store Location 22%
Service 78%

Cleanliness 47%
Service 53%

Staff knowledge 59%
Service 41%

Location 42%
Presentation 58%

Staff knowledge 87%
Presentation 13%

Cleanliness 41%
Staff knowledge 59%

Staff knowledge wins every time. If you are worried about training on soft skills, fine. Then make sure your staff are knowledgeable. Then sweat the other stuff.