Adidas in storeArghhh Shopping.

Malls seem to be set up for entertainment and discovery, not for shopping.

You can meander along the most beautiful malls, pop in and out of shops, and then perhaps get enticed to buy something.
Now try going there to buy something specific, like tennis shoes (not for me as I can’t hit a ball).

The main problem is that the malls are pretty much selling the same stuff. Everyone has the latest Adidas or Nike cross trainer.

So heading to the Adidas store makes sense right?


They have the same old fashion sports apparel. That’s what they’ve become, fashion stores.

I looked up at the big sign with photo of a tennis player in high hopes.

Nope. They only sell one type of tennis shoe in one colour.

So they build the expectation up to project one thing, and implementation is another.

Don’t pretend to be one thing and do another. Doesn’t matter what your business is.