tantrum shutterstock_225356470I am quite disgusted that you (Service Integrity) would deny a report based on the fact the concern was raised before the fitting room and not after.”

That’s part of a long complaint from a Mystery Shopper after we rejected her Mystery Shop report. She was truthful, she was detailed, and she had the best intentions. But, she didn’t follow the instruction, we rejected the customer service evaluation and copped her wrath,


All clients want good quality. Delivering quality has a price, especially in Mystery Shopping.

Our problem is that we piss some shoppers off.

The client specifically said they wanted a purchase objection raised after going to the fitting room, not before.  The reason is irrelevant.

To the Mystery Shopper this may have been unimportant, and we could have let it slide, no one would have known.

Integrity is about doing the right thing even when no-one is looking. I’m proud of my staff for making their work harder, but doing it right.

Integrity, like quality has a price.