name tag shutterstock_323560124So, How do you get a staff member’s name when Mystery Shopping?

It’s tough sometimes. But the client “needs” it.

If only they had name tags. And of course sometimes staff members even swap name tags, just for laughs. Isn’t that annoying. So what to do?

1. Indirect entry

As a customer just walk up and say “Hi, I’m Steven” – they will almost always give you their name without you having to ask.

2. Apologetic

“Sorry I didn’t get your name?”

Intentional question mark used there. Like you can’t remember if you got it or not.

3. Pander

“You’ve been really helpful, when I come back can I ask for you if you’re not around?”

4. Indirect exit

“Thanks ummm – sorry I forgot your name”

They’ll give it to you

5. Be direct

“Thanks for your help, what was your name again”