Not all customers are the same right?

Not all staff are the same right?

Yet organisations try to implement “consistent” sales, service and employment policies. What they are really seeking is standardisation.

It’s like buying every kid the same gift for Christmas and ignores their personal preferences.

I hear you. Your wondering if I’m suggesting personalised service for each person.

Well, the internet is getting there with (albeit algorithmic) personalisation. And all is not lost for physical stores. But ‘more of the same’ doesn’t work.

That’s why places like Macy’s in the US announced the shedding of 6,000 jobs and 100 stores this week. Kohl’s made a similar announcement.

Not only is department store shopping inefficient, but everyone gets treated the same. Generically.

Problem is. Not even the generic service is the same. We find in our Mystery Shopping that even generic is hard to achieve. Why? Because staff are not engaged. Why? Because they are also treated generically.

Confusing standardisation with consistency is self-defeating, and ultimately, destructive.