This is an issue that’s been raised by a lot of clients – especially where they don’t control the retailer.

Are you worried about how your product is being sold by retail outlets, by retail staff you can’t control?

Is your FMCG product visible and displayed according to guidelines?

For larger ticket items, do staff have the appropriate knowledge about your product to sell it, and is yours, the first product being recommended?

Our research shows that staff knowledge is 1.5 times more important than customer service when selling a product.

Our research also shows that 66% of customers would pay 10% more if your product is recommended, and 31% would pay 20% more.

So How do you find the truth?

We’ll visit you retailers by tapping into our 45,000+ mystery shoppers to help you find out – a) how your product is stocked – b) the retailer’s product knowledge – and- c) how it’s being recommended …. all critical to sales.

Use data to stop worrying.