That’s a typical Australian welcome to a retail store.

“Are you right there is right up there with loose and useless statements.

It can be said with attitude or easily received with attitude.

Right in what sense? This could mean anything.

What about another one?

“Yell out if you need anything.

You just can’t say that and walk away.

It’s the easiest way to pretend to connect and then go about your whatever you are doing tasks that don’t involve the customer.

And one other favourite.

“Can I help you?”

Well… I don’t know, can you? You don’t even know what I want.

You are assuming I am hopeless and need help?

Are you there to do everything I need? Will you hold my shopping bags while I browse?

I know that many of these words are taken to have their own meaning.

They are a form of welcome, but they are loose.

Every shopper will understand it’s a form of welcome, but they will process the exact words differently.

What is the purpose of a greeting in retail?


Why do you greet people?

Is it to be polite? Yes.

Is it to offer help? Yes.

So why not say that?

Why not say….

“Good morning, I’m Steven and I’m here to help whenever you want


“Welcome to our store. I hope you find what you are looking for. Would you like some help now, or would you like me to check in later?”


“Nice to see you. I’m here to help with whatever you need in store


“Welcome. I’m here to point out things you may miss while browsing, just yell out”

The words matter.  They need a purpose.