How do you get an 18-year-old cashier to care.?

How do you get a labourer on a construction site to care?

How do you get a CEO to care?

How do you get your kids to care?

All jobs have implications. Everything you do, no matter mundane has consequences.

Know the consequences

Either you know the consequences of your actions, or you don’t.

A little smile or a growl to a customer will influence them. A small reckless action by a construction worker may unwittingly kill a workmate. An immoral decision by a CEO may knowingly bankrupt an employee.

But that’s not the whole picture.

What also matters is whether you care.

You may care about the consequences on the other person, or you may not.

 The upshot is that everyone needs to know their actions matter, whether or not on purpose. Purpose is not a precondition to consequences.