How do you get to be top of mind in your industry?

If you are a #linkedin expert, will you be top of mind when someone needs LinkedIn help?

If you are a recruitment expert, are you the first thought of?

How do you get there?

Behavioural science points to a key principal called the “Mere Exposure Effect” as first described by psychologist Robert Zajonc in the 1960’s.

Given the voice of two options, you’ll take the one exposed to you most.

For example. A 2012 study of the Eurovision song contest showed that the number of times an audience saw a contestant corresponded to the votes received, regardless of talent.

Princeton University researchers inserted a subliminal message in 12 frames of a Simpsons episode with the word “Thirsty” and 12 frames of Coca-Cola. The subjects rated themselves 27% thirstier after watching the show.

How to be top of Mind

  1. Stand for something by being known for something (my struggle is being fragmented)
  2. Be consistent – Keep your look the same (I’m also working on this one e.g. black T-Shirts and orange thumbnails on videos)
  3. Think long term – The benefits will come over time, not today.

I want to be known for Mystery Shopping, Purpose, and Small Business Hacks. It’s way too much but the list has shrunk significantly.