You know the scenario, skip the queue and get automated customer service on a chat session.

But beware!

If you chat with Qantas online, you get reasonably quick responses and you can deal with the back and forwards in your own time.

Qantas 747 tail

All good.

However, you’re in trouble if the enquiry is anything but simple.

The call centre staff are local, have been trained over 6 months,
Here’s the problem with the chat staff:

Giving good automated customer service means giving the chat staff the appropriate training (of course), then give them discretion, but importantly, give the customer a path to speak to someone if it goes pear-shaped.

Keep your service consistent. This is not a surprise to me. My mystery shopping business gets secret shoppers to test all customer contact points. Inconsistencies are not uncommon, but they really impact the customer.

Now, if you’re a Qantas customer, take it from me, call them and use their callback service.