Person holding soapUpdated May 12, 2020

How do you know if your stores are complying with good COVIC-19 hygiene practices? No-one want to break the rules, no-one wants people to get sick and EVERYONE wants customers to feel confident in their stores.

The new Australian Retail trading rules.

NSW – From 15 May

Cafes, restaurants and retailers – 10 pax


QLD – 16 May

10 pax in bricks-and-mortar locations

SA – 11 May

Alcohol-free outdoor dining at cafes and restaurants.

WA – 18 May

Cafes and restaurants – 20 Pax
1 person/sqm and sanitiser required.

TAS – 18 May

Cafes, restaurants and retailers – 10 pax

NT – 15 May

Reopening of restaurants, cafes and bars – provided bar-goers purchase food.
2 Hour limit on indoor activities – business require safety plan to ensure good hygiene.

Are you ready? Book a one-on-one if you want to know how to protect your operations.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels