Dan Murphy’s is Australia’s biggest liquor chain. You’d think they’d know how to do a survey.

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I found a pile of these paper slips at the counter. Whilst it’s admirable to “do something”, Its got problems.

1) The staff member is supposed to enter their name, but they didn’t do that.

2) Staff members may be tempted to write fake names.

3) What happens if a staff member switches counters? Will they remember to take their ‘pile’ with them?

4) A $100 gift card sounds fine, but is that for the store or one prize for the whole network?

5) The paper was tatty and poorly cut, making them look amateur.

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6) Once you scan the QR code above you’ll see a bunch of instructions and even an example. Their customers want booze, not homework, and they’ll be turned off.

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7) As the customer scrolls the screen they’re confronted with the following above dog’s breakfast. They’re expected to go the their receipt and extract data. Drop out rates would be astronomical.

8) Many customers won’t keep their receipt so they couldn’t give feedback even if they wanted to.

Not burning the house down.

I don’t want to burn their house down but would make a few simple suggestions. It’s better to get a lot of information, even if it’s less granular, than specific information from a few people.

1) Dump the staff member name.

2) Direct the customer go straight to the first question. A good questionnaire doesn’t require instructions.

3) Try a technological solution like we deploy directly onto the customers smart phone.

4) Put the QR code on the receipt.