Pharmacy Industry – Brand Fingerprints

Occasionally we’ll share the results of real-world mystery shops in different industries.

The image below shows the results of mystery shopping two health supplement brands. The left is a high touch high service, and the right is a cheap high traffic loud offering.

Same product, but very different customer experiences. Which is right? Maybe both, maybe neither.

The brand you try to build must be in line with what your customers experience. Sounds like a throwaway line right?

You can’t afford to spend 10 minutes with a customer in a low-price, high volume fast service store, and conversely, you can’t afford to leave the customers to their own devices in a high touch store.

But are your staff serving customers as your brand intends?

Execution must match strategy.

No matter what you “try” to project as your brand, it will have a unique fingerprint whether you like it or not. Make sure it’s the same as the marketing and strategy.


Measure the implementation of strategy through customer surveys, store audits, and mystery shopping.