How to use our reporting

The reporting website works for all levels of access, whether Head Office or an individual site.

To login, please go to

We will provide the information you need for the login screen below.

You will see a main page with graphs already there for you to view.

Here are some of the essentials you need to know to move around.

In the top right corner you will see a gear icon (circled above). This opens up a filters such as date, regions, or even different questionnaires.

Under the gear icon you will find four tabs which provide alternative views of your data.

Each view has its own widgets. We have created some default widgets but there are over 30 types to choose from, each with further ability to filter.

You can drill down when your mouse pointer turns to a hover click hand.

For example, in the Survey tab you will find a survey summary.

You can click on an individual question

Which will open up more details about how the question was answered. You can click on the graph and it will open up.

This will reveal all the sites that gave the answer clicked

And you can drill down further to the individual evaluation completed by the Mystery Shopper..

This is only the top level of detail. Please contact us if you’d like to dig in further.

You can view a 7 minute video here