New September 2021 shops


We will be releasing new mystery shops in the next few weeks that involve booking an in-person appointment with an audiologist, who will conduct a hearing test to measure your quality of hearing.

We would encourage all shoppers who would be interested in completing an assignment like this to please complete a short qualifying questionnaire to determine if they are eligible to complete one of these mystery shops. In particular, we are looking for those who believe they may suffer from some form of hearing loss (mild to severe) who haven’t yet received any surgery related to hearing loss.

To complete this short quiz, on your shop log after logging in, please select ‘Tests and Qualifications’ near the top of the page as seen below:


Proceed to the Testing Center, select ‘Take Test’ besides Hearing Australia to proceed to the short quiz.



We will contact the interested shoppers who are eligible about an available assignment once the program is ready to commence.

Thank you in advance to all shoppers who take the time to complete this short survey!