Register For The Merchandise Checks Jobs

As mentioned in the advertisement. These jobs require you to conduct audits of Use by Dates for perishable items in Aldi Supermarkets.

We expect the assignments to take 2 hours. You’ll be paid a set price per job. 

But, before that, we need you to register on our system so you can input the data, and so we can pay you.

We are a specialist mystery shipping company, but these jobs are a little different. There is no mystery. You will have a letter of authority from Aldi Head Office giving you permission to be in store. That being said, we are using our normal mystery shopping computer system and payment platform to get the jobs done.

Here’s how to get started!

Please simply follow these instructions to register as a NEW shopper/contractor:

1. Click here: 

2. Under new shopper, enter your email address and press ‘Go’. This will be your login email and how we’ll communicate with you.

3. Enter your personal information to register for Service Integrity Sassie Shop. The most important details we need from you are your name, DOB, city, state, postcode, email and phone number. Your bank details can be provided after you have completed your first assignment.

4. Once registered at the top of the page, please select ‘Job Board’. Here is where you can apply and accept assignments in your area. Notice you will see other assignments as well as Aldi. You are free to choose those as well.

5. Once on the ‘Job Board’, please find the location/s you are interested in and select ‘Apply’

6. Please select the date you would like to complete this audit, we will then contact you via phone to give you more information about the assignments that we are offering you and confirm your date.

Once we approve your application, you’ll be all set to complete the job on the date selected. We’ll send you everything you need to get started.

Note, if you cannot make the job on this date, please let us know as soon as possible to