Why did retail numbers have an 18% COVID drop?

Why did Australian retail sales drop 18% in March? The pantry peak and toilet paper peaks have passed. There’s not much left to buy. But there’s something else going on. There’s a total lack of confidence. As I described to John Stanley on radio 2GB (below), our research shows that 64% of Australians are nervous […]

The best word-of-mouth is?

We all know that word of mouth is critically important. Word-of-mouth can come from several sources including friends, acquaintances, or even a random comment on a social media post or review site. But one type of word of mouth is more powerful than the others. At Service Integrity, we do a lot of studies looking at […]

The iconic brand doing a Blockbuster

An iconic Australian department store (DJ’s) is doing its best Blockbuster impersonation. They are reducing two Sydney flagship stores to 1, and eliminating 6 floors. Profits have been declining every year for 15 years (lightening reaction times). Online sales rose 46.8 per cent and now account for 7.7 per cent of total sales. But they […]