Don’t be so warm. Sell.

Here are the real mystery shop results from a chain of fitness centres. If you asked the prospective customer what they thought of the service, they’d say. Awesome. 100% of people received warm service. BUT 62.5% of people were NOT invited to take up a paid membership. They are not closing. What’s the good of […]

Shuddup and take my money

Shuddup and take my money

Business acumen and customer service are not incompatible. Here are 5 ways a small business can take money from their customers, and their customers will be thankful.

Episode #19 Customer Service is overrated

Guess what. Customer service is NOT necessarily the most important driver of sales. That might sound strange coming from someone running a Mystery Shopping company, but I see it time and time again. Companies focusing on the wrong things. Sure service is important, but it’s also important to ensure that: 1) your products are on […]

Episode #17 – Staff recommendations – the secret sauce!

We all know the importance of word of mouth (WOM) in Sales. But there is one type of WOM which is just as important as a recommendation from a friend, namely, a recommendation from a staff member. We asked 273 Mystery Shoppers and found that a recommendation from a friend is as important as a […]

Episode #9 – How to get customers to try in store, buy online (elsewhere).

I’m calling out some retailers. You’ve probably experienced this too, but it’s not good enough. Last weekend I went shopping for tennis shoes for my son, as well as some clothes. We travelled 40km South on Saturday to a big Mall, and then 50km north the following day to an even bigger Mall. The lack […]