Your Goals often go one way, and performance goes another.

Individuals, groups and companies all have a reason for their existence, a purpose. Rarely do you find yourself where you intended to be.

Your goals went one way and reality went another.

In the famous movie City Slickers, when Billy Chrystal asks Jack Palance’s character the meaning of life, Jack commandingly holds up one finger and says “It’s one thing”, but Billy never gets the answer.

Our lives, and our companies all have a purpose. The only difference between people and companies is that companies get to choose their creation, their DNA. Once that purpose is found, we need to work on meaning.

As individuals, we often week purpose. Some people find it in religion, some seek it their whole life.

Companies get to choose their purpose through mission statements, but critically, they are useless endeavours unless that purpose is transferred to the outside world. That point of transference is Service.

Some things need to be done in order. For example, you need to plant a seed before you sow. The sae applies to business.  You need to know ‘why’ you are doing things (purpose), before you can reap the profits.

Profit will follow is you follow your purpose

And this is the point. Companies choose their purpose.

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