iStock_000002309369MediumHow many times have you heard a Manager tell staff that the company is all about exceeding expectations. The statement gets set in Mission statements, and Marketing Managers espouse it in advertising, and staff even share the philosophy with customers. However….

Imagine you order a pizza for home delivery. The order taker says it will be delivered in 20 minutes, so you take a shower whilst looking forward to eating your pizza during your favourite TV show, also due to start in 20 minutes.

Half way through your shower the doorbell rings. Your turn the shower off, wrap a towel, and drip a trail of water all over the floor to answer the doorbell. To your surprise, it’s the pizza delivery.

The delivery driver is standing there with a big proud smile and says, we thought you may like the pizza a little quicker than promised.

You obviously don’t have any money in your towel, so you create another trail of water to get your money, and back again. Your frustration spills over because you have to restart the shower and deal with a pizza sitting in the house going cold.

As a customer, these instances are repeated time and time again. The point is simple, don’t exceed a customers expectations, simply meet them, and meet them consistently.

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