Facebook (through Instagram) recently introduced face filters to let people add all manner of things on their face, like glasses.

The glasses are superimposed on your head and they move with your head, like in the video.

Sure there are fun applications for kids, but imaging the application for retailers.

You could superimpose different colour shapes and shades for:

Plastic surgery
Hair styles
Hair colour
Spray tans
Dental work

The list goes on.

Go further, imagine your new car in your driveway.
Imagine a new lounge in your house.
Imagine a complete formal outfit.

Sure the technology is not quite at the commercial application level yet, but it will follow quickly, because that’s where the money is.

Snapchat did this recently with location filters. Shortly after introducing local filters for free, Snapchat started selling them. As with most free products, there is also a paid version which will give you more flexibility and power.

So, how do you stay on top on these technologies?

1) Use them
2) Look at the “What’s new” pages
3) Imagine your product in that space
4) Do a youtube search to see how you can use it (even if you’re a luddite)
5) Start with experimentation.