Don’t be the customer’s spider

spider web

Humans are afraid of that which is different, like spiders. We love dogs (mammals, but hate spiders). Be like your customers, mirror them and they won’t think you’re a spider.

How a flimsy sign altered behaviour

Hungry Jacks Coffee sign

Although we see thousands of pieces of advertising every day, they work. But in order for them to work, each store must implement (with precision)

Why you should collect useless information

Why a staff member should collect information even if they can’t do anything about it I closed a bank account today, and the reason I had to close it IS relevant. I closed it because my bank, Greater Bank does not have Apple Pay as part of their Visa card offering.  I am now wallet free, digital […]

Shuddup and take my money

Shuddup and take my money

Business acumen and customer service are not incompatible. Here are 5 ways a small business can take money from their customers, and their customers will be thankful.

Everyone is in Customer Service

Everyone is involved in customer service. Here is a short story showing how everyone should have it front of mind, even I.T.

How Uber Eats almost destroyed a small business

We have to be careful of the shiny new toy. My local cafe has started doing Uber Eats deliveries. Good for them! Well….. not so fast. The wait times jumped to 20 minutes and then 40 minutes. My big cycling group worth $600-$700 per month has slowly moved to another cafe (despite many second chances). […]

The iconic brand doing a Blockbuster

An iconic Australian department store (DJ’s) is doing its best Blockbuster impersonation. They are reducing two Sydney flagship stores to 1, and eliminating 6 floors. Profits have been declining every year for 15 years (lightening reaction times). Online sales rose 46.8 per cent and now account for 7.7 per cent of total sales. But they […]

Reading the customer’s mind, when they can’t

If the customer doesn’t know why they made a decision, how are you supposed to help them make it? There are three factors at play: 1) the rational brain (which isn’t really used that much) 2) emotional drivers (moods and feelings) 3) contextual drivers (we aren’t always the same person). So how are we supposed […]

The forgotten aspect of customer service

What’s the forgotten aspect of customer service? One advantage of running a Mystery Shopping company is that I get to see great detail what works and what doesn’t work in customer service The following graph tracks client data for Satisfaction and Knowledge. We changed the enquiry every month. Satisfaction and the level of knowledge track […]