Why a staff member should collect information even if they can’t do anything about it

I closed a bank account today, and the reason I had to close it IS relevant.

2 minute video explaining why you should collect more information than necessary

I closed it because my bank, Greater Bank does not have Apple Pay as part of their Visa card offering. 

I am now wallet free, digital license, apple pay, phone key, electric car driving child of the internet age. I don’t want to carry one single card, so I decided to ditch this last dinosaur by opening an account with another bank.

The staff member who closed my account could not have been more helpful. But she didn’t ask me why I was closing my account.

Now sure she couldn’t do anything about it but she could’ve done two things. Firstly, she could have asked me why I was closing my account, and second, she could offer to leave the account with a zero balance and no fees until such time as the function I was seeking would be available (which it will eventually).

Now another bank has got my transactions, and our banking does tend to follow our transactions. So they’ll probably end up getting the whole of my company’s banking.

Collect information from customers, even if you can’t do anything about it.