Yes! I.T. departments are in customer service.

Yes! Accounts departments are in customer service.

Yes! We are all in service.

Exposed by a simple problem

We recently had a problem doing a simple transaction uploading a Bank Payment file.

Screen shot of Banking error sowing how the forget about customer service

For some reason we were getting the weird error above.

The bookkeeper at my mystery shopping business had spent the morning trying, and I invested the whole afternoon.

I called the bank in sheer frustration. Maybe they could help me?

To my horror, I found out that the upload system had been down for weeks and might be down for another two weeks.


Everyone should have service foresight

No-one in the IT department had the foresight to put a small message on the page to say there was a problem, not spell out the workaround.

It would affect hundreds of business customers. It was a silent inconvenience.

The I.T. silo is in full isolation mode.

Everyone is in Customer Service. Everyone.