We see thousand of pieces of advertising each day. 

Sure consumers feel bombarded and it seems impossible any of it can stand out. 

But it works!

Why else would companies keep spending the money?

Today I was in an unfamiliar town looking for a coffee break during a long drive. 

On one side, KFC, on the other Hungry Jacks. 

I thought to myself. Do they even do coffee?

Then I saw a sign at Hungry Jacks advertising Barista coffee. 

I know there isn’t a barista in there but it was a signal. A signal that a) they sell coffee and b) that they sell coffee worth advertising. 

A sign is a signal. Same word, one is a noun and one a verb. 

So I bought it. 

These forms of advertising are expensive to buy and maintain. 

But in order for it to work the store must actually have the sign on display and it must be in good order. 

Maybe KFC should have had a sign on display and it wasn’t taken out for the morning? They should. 

Tardy signage signals tardy product.  Non existent signage signals non-existent product. 

These little things matter. So does the little matter of auditing signage, presentation and displays. 

Two minute video of how a flimsy sign changed my behaviour.