Having a name like Di Pietro, with a space in the name can create problems. I made a hotel booking without a space and my membership account has the space.  I tried to remove the space from my profile so they’d match.

So I head to the Marriott website, where the problems start. Below is what I found on the website. It seemed quite specific.

Problem 1 – The number doesn’t work

I called from Australia. When I called I got a message saying that I can’t dial that number. The I realised I had to dial it with a +1 in front and I got through.

Most customers would stop at this point and throw their hands in the air.

Marriott call

Problem 2 – I have to pay international rates

I’m not sure if I paid for a call to the U.S. or not, but it sure seems like I’m paying for an international call. How many people would do that?h

–Watch the video or keep reading–

Problem 3 – You can’t do this online

I’m sure there is some made up security reason, and though it’s not a common request, it should be available.

Problem 4 – The dreaded voice recognition

When the voice recognition asks my what I want (after 40 seconds of cross promotion) I respond with:

“change name”

To which the system tells me what to do if I want to merge two accounts together.

I ask many different ways, until finally saying HELP 5 times, after which I’m told it will send me to an operator if it still can’t assist me.

A final few HELP’s and I get through to an operator.

Problem 5 – It’s the wrong number

After going through all the security questions, the operator tells me it’s the wrong number, and gives me another number.

This process takes 9 minutes.

Problem 6 – I’m not transferred

This goes without saying but the call should have been transferred and I’m forced to repeat the cries for HELP!.

Problem 7 – I have to re-verify

Having to re-verify credentials is a problem common to many call centres.

Problem 8 – 20 minutes on hold

While I’m on-hold the recording keeps trying to direct me to the very website which directed me to a phone number. Enter the loops.

Problem 9 – They couldn’t help

Although I found a very delightful phone operator and got part of my problem solved, they still couldn’t attach my booking to my membership number. They suggested I do it at the hotel reception.

This call took 29 minutes.

Problem 10 – Pretending to be international

While writing this blog, I thought I’d look up the website, to see if I was being unfair. Maybe the information was right there in front of me. Nope. It made matters worse.

Unless you are from the U.S. or Canada or you looked carefully at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, you’d have no way to know who to call. They are not international – or don’t care.

Marriott Contact Us page

How do you fix it?

This is why I run a Mystery Shopping company, to find all the places where the consultants, and people too close to the business miss the most obvious problems.

Customer feedback is OK, but they won’t give you the granularity required. Companies are quick to test software, but they don’t get Independents to test the user experience.