What’s the purpose of customer surveys?

If you think it’s to measure customer service you may want to re-consider.

Surveys measure what the customer thinks they thought.

Those thoughts can be wrong, and more importantly, they don’t measure what makes you money.

Customers are so easily swayed by a nice employee and nice environment. They may even be loyal to your product and give you unadulterated high scores.

  1. Was the promotion on display?
  2. Did the staff member go through a needs analysis?
  3. Did the staff member physically put the product in the customer’s hand?
  4. Did the staff member try to close a sale?
  5. Did the staff member try to up-sell?
  6. Did the staff member mention the loyalty program?
  7. Did the staff member take the customer’s details?
  8. Did the staff member follow up after the enquiry? (e.g. in car dealerships)

All these points are core drivers of profit and INVISIBLE to the customer. You will surely have your own list of profitable events in your company which are invisible to the customer, yet they’ll give you rave reviews even if you don’t do the activities.