I was just completing a report for a new banking client and noticed two measurements heading in opposite directions. Their mystery shopping scores were low, but their customer satisfaction from exit surveys was high.

So what’s going on?

This highlights the problem with reliance on one measurement. The customers are woo’d by the nice branch, and super polite staff who are expert and reiterating what the client asked for.

They also get a nice farewell. But here’s the problem. The staff are not doing the things that make the sale.

Two critical aspects of a home loan are to:

1) determine the customer’s needs (so they staff don’t go into boring sales spiels), and

2) follow-up after the sale (a big driver of making a sale) Both scored poorly.

Surveys Don't Tell The Whole Picture

The branch is polite and presents a professional environment. So the customer walks out thinking the service was “nice” but buys nothing. This is common, and it’s dangerous if you just listen to customers.