The Australian Government recently announced new Electric Vehicle (EV) initiatives.

Teslas charging at McDonalds

Earlier in the week, Evie Networks announced it would install EV charging stations at Hungry Jacks fast-food restaurants.

To some people it was a shock.


Where has all this EV stuff come from?
Fast-food and EV’s?

Both things make sense to someone who’s owned an EV for 18 months.

Yeh – They are cheaper to run, are awesome to drive, and it makes sense to have a meal or a coffee while the car fills.

⚡️ There’s a Tesla supercharger at Canberra McDonalds
⚡️ An Evie charger at a petrol station in Penrith, and one in Taree
⚡️ There are #Tesla Superchargers at Coles Cooma
⚡️ There’s even a Tesla charger after 2km of dirt road to Joadga Gin distillery in the southern highlands of NSW.

This is a complete surprise when I mention it to people. Hungry Jacks? Pfft. Awesome, but normal.

We’re all car drivers, we all use the roads, we even pay the same tolls. But EV owners are in a parallel universe.

What’s normal to one set of consumers is foreign to others.

This is more than just personas and customer avatars. All customers occupy a different universe.

👀 A business traveller sees the hotel room different to a holidaymaker.
👀 An investor sees a house different to an owner-occupier.
👀 A nurse sees a deep cut as mundane, while you see it as life-threatening.
👀 One group sees something as mundane and normal; the other may not even know of its existence.

Employees deploy industry jargon and assumed knowledge beyond the comprehension of consumers.

We often see this in our #mysteryshopping when designing programs, and this is where external providers/consultants can help. Yes, you’d rather save the money and do things yourself, but then you don’t see what others see.

Wait until consumers catch on that there are no car servicing costs for #EV

Here’s a frequent conversation.

Friend: How much does it cost to service your electric car?
Me: Zero, Zilch, nada, there’s no servicing.

No one’s normal is normal.

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