You don’t know me.

One of my relatives sold her house about nine months ago for (at the time) an astonishing $2.5M. But recently, a (mere) acquaintance remarked that she should have held on.

Yah, yah prices have jumped even more, but…..

They don’t know the circumstances.

She sold because she’d bought her dream small home, no longer needing a McMansion. That’s not the point. The timing was perfect for her because it happened. We hear it all the time.

Why didn’t you go for that promotion?
You don’t know me

Why don’t you take over that other company?
You don’t know me

You should buy the Premium product!
You don’t know me

Why didn’t you donate like last year?
You don’t know me.

Why did you have kids so early?
….. you get the point.

We can’t help ourselves. 

Something about ‘sinners and throwing stones’?

Remember, next time you get the urge to judge a customer, employee, or friend; you don’t know them.

Don’t get buffeted. The next time someone challenges you, remember, they don’t know you.

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