Unsure how I feel about this Chinese restaurant video

Back-of-house Staff can usually hide their habits. (This 7 second video is to be seen to be believed – for its ordinariness) To increase transparency, some restaurants put the kitchen staff out in the open. The kitchen is out with the diners. The motivation is obvious – to show they have nothing to hide. There’s something reassuring to watch […]

Why technology makes Service even more important

The future has arrived – in China. I’m fortunate enough to travel to my Shanghai Mystery Shopping office every 3-4 months. Since my last trip I noticed that cash just does not exist. Yes, cash does not exist. We are starting to feel this in the West thanks to Apple Pay and Google Pay, but […]

How customer service accidentally gets low priority

Everyone goes on about giving “great service”. But it still doesn’t have the profile of other job roles, especially at executive level. Look at these job roles on Linkedin. No mention of Customer Service. Scroll further. Nope — further? Nope — surely it’s in alphabetical order. Must be on the next screen right? Again No. Linkedin and so many […]