I recently went to on Online Retailers Conference in Sydney, and expected to spend a couple of hours there bumming around and getting bored.

But I not only stayed till close, I also stayed for the networking event, and returned the day after.

I never do that. Clearly I stayed because I got awesome value (for free).

Expo stall holders are just like any other form of Sales of Customer Service. they are just like any other store looking for attention.

Here are 5 insights from the expo as they relate to customer service.

1. Jump in and say Hi – obvious yes, common? No.

2. Give your full attention – get off the mobile and off the computer.

3. Spend on the look – make your site, store or stall look professional, there are no corners to cut.

4. Stop the spiel – no one wants it in an expo, or at a store.

5. Give Give Give – not free product, but give of yourself.