Episode #10 Defining an entrepreneur

Do you really want to be an entrepreneur? Well guess what, you can’t choose. It’s either in you or its not. It sounds all sexy, but it’s not. To me, an entrepreneur is someone who takes a business from zero (or completely transforms and existing business). They cannot go to a Bank for finance because […]

Episode #8 FIVE customer hacks learnt from roaming around an expo

I recently went to on Online Retailers Conference in Sydney, and expected to spend a couple of hours there bumming around and getting bored. But I not only stayed till close, I also stayed for the networking event, and returned the day after. I never do that. Clearly I stayed because I got awesome value […]

Episode #7 How even the shyest person can network and sell through relationship.

Special interview with Kirsty Spraggon. Kirsty has had a massively successful career. – She’s been a top selling real estate agent, – She’s a renowned public speaker. – She moved from Australia to the U.S. to start her own TV program called Kirsty TV. And she’s a wonderful human being. I consider her a great […]