Do you really want to be an entrepreneur?

Well guess what, you can’t choose. It’s either in you or its not.

It sounds all sexy, but it’s not.

To me, an entrepreneur is someone who takes a business from zero (or completely transforms and existing business).

They cannot go to a Bank for finance because they have no track record in the industry and no sales history.

They put it all on the line.

They usually don’t succeed, but sometimes do.

There are two romanticised terms bandied about with entrepreneurship.

You have to get outside your comfort zone, and it’s a thrilling ride.

Do you like roller coasters? Some people do, and some hate them. Yeh Yeh sure there is an analogy of ups and downs, but the similarities are deeper than that.

The first thing that happens on a roller coaster is that you get strapped in. No roller coaster is comfortable. You sit on a hard hot seat and then a mechanical arm comes down and squeezes your shoulders and hips so tight that you can hardly breathe. Who ever heard of being comfortable on a roller coaster?

Gurus always say stuff like “get outside your comfort zone”, but people don’t understand that it means being uncomfortable in every way. Discomfort is something humans naturally avoid.

Being an entrepreneur is totally uncomfortable in every way.

The roller coaster has taken off. Your clattering up a steep slope. You don’t know if you will be petrified or ecstatic.

The thing about thrilling rides is that not everyone likes them. Not everyone likes that uneasy feeling of the first moments you start to climb. You can’t ‘make’ someone like a thrilling ride. But in those moments of thrill, rest assured, there is fear, there is panic, there is the “OMG I want to get off this ride but I can’t”

The fear can grip grip every part of your body. That’s what being an entrepreneur is like.

Some people get off and go back for more. Some get off and vomit, vowing never to return.

Sure, get out of your comfort zone, and go for the thrill. Just know what those words mean.