Here are some scary real life statistics from a client who sells in the B2B space.

We have just conducted 40 Mystery Shop enquiries to a B2B software provider who sells business analytics.

It’s high-brow stuff at a high price, for which they spend a fortune on advertising.

Ad response time

13% of enquiries don’t get a call-back… ever!

33% don’t get a call within 2 business days.

The cost of these wasted leads should be added to the marketing acquisition cost.

How do you fix it?

3 steps.

  1. Define a well-communicated process.
  2. Train staff
  3. Track

Of course Mystery Shopping is still a big part of tracking. it still remains one of the few (only?) ways available to find the truth about marketing sales funnel mechanics.

Oh this couldn’t be you, I know, that’s what the client said before we started.

Though I know this client employs rocket scientists, it’s not rocket science.