How to improve a 10/10 review

Certain things work certain ways. When you get on a plane (remember that?) you expect a safety briefing, the expected timing of the trolley cart, and precise announcements. It’s just the way it works. The same with hotels and AirBnB’s. You expect the bathroom to have tissues and soap. Here’s the anatomy of a private […]

Scary hygiene statistics

What percentage of people are sanitising before entering a store? Here are the scary statistics from over 2,000 store mystery shopping observations.

How confident are COVID consumers?

How confident are COVID consumers?

It’s one thing to be “coming out of restrictions”, it’s another thing for customers to ‘want’ to be spending money. Will there be a rush to malls?Will there be a rush to other public places? We surveyed 670 consumers and found they are more skittish than you’d think. If you want the customers, make them […]

Why did retail numbers have an 18% COVID drop?

Why did Australian retail sales drop 18% in March? The pantry peak and toilet paper peaks have passed. There’s not much left to buy. But there’s something else going on. There’s a total lack of confidence. As I described to John Stanley on radio 2GB (below), our research shows that 64% of Australians are nervous […]

Don’t be so warm. Sell.

Here are the real mystery shop results from a chain of fitness centres. If you asked the prospective customer what they thought of the service, they’d say. Awesome. 100% of people received warm service. BUT 62.5% of people were NOT invited to take up a paid membership. They are not closing. What’s the good of […]

Shuddup and take my money

Shuddup and take my money

Business acumen and customer service are not incompatible. Here are 5 ways a small business can take money from their customers, and their customers will be thankful.

Don’t throw away half your sale leads

Imagine throwing away half of your leads? Oh, I know you’d never do that. Maybe you’re a small business that intimately knows everything that’s going on. Perhaps you’re a big business with big processes. I’ve heard it all. And yet, this is the reality I see way too often. Behind the curtain of a Mystery […]

How to avoid mystery shopping scams

If you are looking to be a mystery shopper, please beware of some of the scams. Here’s how to protect yourself. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. We hope this helps.